TBL Mirror Fund

A big gap exists between micro-finance and institutional capital in Kenya, between 50.000 and 1.000.000 euro. Companies that have a need for capital in this range can hardly obtain this. These companies are typically small and medium sized companies (SME's), that are very instrumental for growth of the Kenyan Economy. To facilitate the SME sector TBL has set up the TBL Mirror Fund, an equity investment fund, and TBL Invest BV to manage the fund. With this initiative TBL will positively impact both the Kenyan SME sector as well as the Kenyan Capital market.

The TBL Mirror Fund is a Venture Capital fund based in both Kenya and the Netherlands. The Fund provides long term equity, hands-on involvement and a global investor network towards fast growing East African businesses.

The TBL Mirror Fund facilitates and manages the combined investment of capital and know-how in promising companies. The 40 private investors of the TBL Mirror Fund are successful private individuals with a wide variety of industry backgrounds, from CEOs of large multinationals, to seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced venture capitalists. The Investors are actively involved in the management of the portfolio companies through annual visits, board membership and membership of the investor board of the Fund.

For more information check: http://www.tblmirrorfund.com/

ProFarm Pakistan

Pakistan has the 5th largest dairy sector in the world. The country inhabits 26,3 million buffaloes and 24,2 million cows. Artificial Insemination (AI) is an important tool for farmers to get a healthy, durable and productive herd. As a result of a structural increase of domestic demand for processed milk and dairy based products, demand for high quality genetic material and reliable insemination services is growing.

To serve this market The Blue Link and CRV International, a multinational supplier and producer of high quality proven bovine semen, established ProFarm Pakistan (private) limited.

ProFarm Pakistan has established a sales and service network in the Punjab province to provide farmers with reliable AI service and high quality semen.

This network comprises 9 AI Centers with a network of well-trained Artificial Insemination Technicians. The operations are run from the head office in Lahore

For more information check www.profarm.com.pk

Maxim International

An important feature of improving milk yield is by improving the feed available to dairy and meat cattle. No such quality feeds were made in Pakistan. To address this need, The Blue Link has approached Nutreco, one of worlds largest cattle feed producers world wide to share their knowledge and feed formulations for Maxim products.

In a joint effort with partners in Pakistan Maxim strives to be the reliable provider of high quality cattle feeds in the Punjab.

Maxim International produces in the Sheikhupura factory, 12 km from Lahore.